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Thanks for looking at my art <3
Clannad - Ushio Gliding by Miertje86
-Me dancing with my watchers-


Rika fan art (/w)/ by Ayu-Chan11
Rika fan art (/w)/
Wanted to practice coloring with COPIC markers (still don't got the hang of it.. Oh lord these makers it is a love hate relationship //KICKS). But always wanted to draw the lovely and talented rika! :D hope YA love it!

Art: :iconayu-chan11:

Person: :icondaredevil48:
Little Deer by Ayu-Chan11
Little Deer
Oh my Y AM I NEVER ACTIVE //cries

Curse you school. curse you. 

Anyhow! this was fun to do! i hope you guys will enjoy!
The Sassy Doodle by Ayu-Chan11
The Sassy Doodle
   Did a doodle in adobe photoshop! its so confusing, but the quality is amazing! (explains why you can mega zoom in oooOOOOOooooOo) :D 
still have to get used to the brushes and all the new advanced features oh my. 
But anyway, enjoy this sassy little noodle with her wavy messy hair! T3T <3 <3
Twinnies by Ayu-Chan11
Honestly, started out as a doodle, then i watched a scary movie, and I murdered this doodle with creepy-ness,

But came out awesome! I used the new mirror tool in sketch book! Fun to use and experiment! :D 

(Thier hair took me forever ORZ)

And no I didn't just color one side.. that was only for the line art, but i had to color both sides ORZZ
Annabella Is a purty mermiaddd by Ayu-Chan11
Annabella Is a purty mermiaddd
Helloooo!!! This is my beauty, Annabella! (ME AND :icondaredevil48: SUFFERED TO COME UP WITH //SHOT)

((To be honest, she looks like a strawberry =w= //kicked)

Species: butterfly koi fish! (Ty rika TvT)

gender: Female! (The only gender I can draw anyway TTuTT)

Personality:  Energetic, Honest, Daring, Gleefully 

Likes: Adventure!! taking long swims around the ocean, popping bubbles, finding new and interesting things especially shiny things! >;D ) 

Dislikes: Loud noises, being followed,  scared surprisingly, getting her hair caught  random shizz XD 

Story timee!! (Warning its very long!! //shot) : Annabella has  always been getting herself in trouble with no clue of what consequences can happen to her. If anything Annabella is so used to getting herself in trouble that sometimes she does it without noticing she ever did something bad. Of course this caught up to her, and when she was about 14 she ended up getting locked up for a dangerous crime she didn't mean to do. She was terrified and scared. One day after months of being locked up, a strange visitor came to see her that she had never seen before, She was an old mermaid lady, Annabella could barely see her face, it was halfway covered by her dark cloak, only her long white hair was visible and her wrinkly smile. Annabella, was scared and felt uncomfortable. The old lady told Annabella that she might be able to help her escape.. in return of one favor, For Annabella's youth clear-smooth skin, and Her long hair. It is true, Annabella (Before she got arrested) was known for her young beauty,  Very long blonde hair, Bright blue crystal eyes, Pitch perfect skin. And the Old lady wanted it all. Annabella didn't think about the consequences (Like always) and signed off the contract.. she just wanted to be free again and go back to her family. But then suddenly, the Old lady roughly cut off the back of her hair (missing pieces) and it turned bright red with a green tint. Her eyes turned green, and marking appeared on her body. Annabella was surprised by the changes but didn't dare complain. She thanked the old lady for her freedom but as she was about to leave, the Old lady stopped her and evilly, and loudly started laughing in a wicked voice. "You think I would be so kind to a fellow stranger? You poor little girl! Freedom is worth much more! You shall never be able to return to your friends, and family! you are forced to live the rest of your life alone! If you can even survive!!" The old lady said in a screechy voice. Annabella was terrified and ran away quickly, fast.. Running away from the terroir in the old lady's sight... She swam for miles crying... And Years later, She has learned to live on her own, and so her story still continues :3 

(Ty for reading!!) 


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Ayu, Pika, or Maria
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
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(NOTE: Please! if you drew something for me, please tell me so i can add it! thank you for the lovely work everyone!)
Hey everyone!:iconahehplz: (if your still here ;_; ) I've been SOOO inactive! many months have gone buy.. 
i just want to start off that i really needed a break from this site.. YES its my fave site EVER! but things happened and i needed some time off. 

Ive been through many emotions in these past months; school got worse; family got worse; and friendships got worse. everything was getting up to me, that i had no time to go on the computer, and basically had artist block for Many months!! its was horrific! BLAH depression!! :iconnanocryniplz:

But in those months i would check my account sometimes.. and realized some of you were concered and sent me notes, and commented on my page. but since I was a small grumpy ball of depression; I was mean and didnt bother to reply back! Im soo sorry to those people and also Thank you for feeling concerned about me! :iconyuihugplz:

Im glad to say, that I will try to be more active now! *Hasn't used tablet in a while..* *cries* :iconcannotevenplz:
I was thinking maybe making a new account because this account has a lot of old junk.. (A.K.A old drawings) but as in for now im just glad to be back! 

Thank you for reading this and for understanding! :iconabububuplz:

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